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More about record keeping.

Blog post #138 Record keeping. Again. You may have noticed that last month I spared you the preaching about record keeping [Thank the Lord, Ed]. Well, this month I am back on it. When I last told you about keeping stock records, I said that I was going to try a new system and would…
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How to keep stock records (and why you should)

Following on from last monthโ€™s blog about using your journal and record keeping, specifically keeping your books up to date to file your tax returns, I want to focus this time on keeping stock records. Donโ€™t groan, you will thank me in the end. Last month I encouraged you to keep accounting records even if…
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How to persevere with journal keeping.

Journal planning, record keeping and how to persevere It is that time again when I am looking at forward planning, habit forming and goal achievement. I mentioned last month that I have had a number of shows cancelled but this month I am delighted to tell you that I have been invited to take part…
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