But I do love colour! Even more I love putting colours together to see how they play with each other. Every piece of work I make is a journey into what different colours do to each other. It is the most magical way to live and I get to live it every day.


Working in mainly abstract but with a big focus on colour,  artwork’s are produced as paintings on paper, canvas and board in a variety of sizes using mixed media

The journals are mainly made using leather Vegan versions are made to order using faux leather or cloth.
All linings are original artworks by the artist. Commissions welcome.

A variety of more realistic subject are considered in printmaking. Colour is still a main focus, but here subjects tend to be more about nature, fish, flowers, seeds, grasses, birds and sea creatures. In printmaking different methods and techniques as well as types of printmaking are employed depending on subject and required outcome eg, lino printing, screen printing or collagraphs.

Featured Artist Adele Froude

What is your name or the name you go by for your art? ‘Adele Froude Designs’ and ‘Dalmatian Art by Adele Froude Designs’. Where do you live? The Yorkshire Dales National Park. What’s your background? I worked in the NHS for 20 years, in several different locations across the country, including Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, London and…

My love affair with colour (continued)

Last week I talked mainly about the different products I use to make my colourful artworks. This week I thought I would tell you about some of the ways I use those products and share some of the results, too. There are many different ways we can approach starting a piece of work but to…

Featured Artist-

Featured Artist – Karen Dickinson What is your name (or the name you go by for your art)? Professionally, I’m Karen Dickinson Studio but I am also known as karentillyart or Tilly art on social media. Tilly has been my nickname all my life. Where do you live? Leyland, Lancashire, England. What’s your background? I…