The idea of commissioning an artwork can be very scary but I hope to allay your fears here by explaining the process. I will repeat this later, but you should know from the outset that if you don’t like the work I have produced I will not insist that you pay for it. The way other artists handle commissions varies greatly for all sorts of reasons, but this is how I work. The most important thing for me is that you are happy. I aim to deliver the best possible service for the most satisfying outcome. 

The first thing that needs to happen is that we reach an understanding of, and an agreement on, what you expect the outcome to be. If you have chosen to work with me, you clearly enjoy abstract art and the way I use colour or you are drawn the variety of printing techniques I use to make handmade prints. 

I like to work with a colour palette which suits you and takes into consideration where you intend hanging the work. You decide which colours you are looking for; I may make some suggestions. You can let me know if there are any colours I should avoid completely and what kind of finishes you like, e.g. how much texture and whether you prefer a matt or shiny surface. 

We will then need to figure out the correct size for you. Are you looking to have the canvas framed? Do I need to have a canvas specially made for you? or are you happy for an off the shelf size or a box canvas unframed?

Once all those decisions have been made, I can get started. I always take photos as I work because I like to hide your name, and/or any words that have significance for you, within the first layers. I will share these photos with you, either as I work or at the end, whichever you prefer. Once I feel I have achieved the goal I will ask you to take a look. If there is anything which you would like to change, we can do that but if you are happy then I can start the varnishing, which takes a while.

If I send you photos or you view the work in my studio and don’t like it, tell me. As I said, I want you to be happy. If I have completely missed the brief or you simply don’t like the finished painting, then I can either start again or you can just walk away with no hard feelings, I promise.

Unlike other artists I don’t take a deposit with stage payments simply because I don’t want you to have a piece of my work if you don’t like it, so it is not until we are all happy that artwork and money changes hands. 

Charity Work

When it comes to charity projects I am always happy to be approached. Having worked on fibre glass items for The Surrey Hills Cow Parade, The Haslemere Hogs, Haslemere Hares and St Catherine Hospice as well as annually gifting funds to help cure Podoconiosis in Ethiopia.

Licensing Projects

Last but not least, some artworks have been used on cups and tote bags. If you would like to have use of my designs for your products, a conversation is easily arranged.