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I run workshops and classes from my home studio a few times each year. I keep class sizes small, max six, to provide individual attention. I love to share my experience and knowledge with students ,of all ages, my art forms and now you can book time with me directly via this website. Whether you are looking for private one to one tuition, joining one of my larger classes or just taking inspiration from my Blog writing, I hope I can inspire YOU as much as I have many hundreds of students over the years. (I am DBS certificated)

Printmaking classes are in Gel plate printing, Mono-printing, Screen Printing, Lino or Collagraph printing. An explanation can be found of these processes General art classes are in Drawing skills and are using Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Watercolour, Oils or Acrylics. Further classes in acrylics pours and working with resin can be arranged from time to time. I will provide you with a list of basic items you will need to bring for the class and I will provide certain materials too.

Concertina Sketchbook Classes

I have now run several concertina sketchbook classes and they have been such great fun. In this class you will work with paint, ink, pens, pencils and collage to produce a number of pages using either a particular theme or making the Zen-Doddle shapes you can see in my work below. You do not need to bring anything along to this class apart from your enthusiasm, as I will provide everything, but if you have magazines you would like to cut up then please feel free to bring them along.

For The Painting And Drawing Classes

You would start by looking at line, tone, texture perspective and proportions. Moving into products, we would look at using graphite, charcoal, watercolour, oil, acrylic and chalk pastel and, within all of that, cover still life, portraiture, self-portraits and landscapes. In addition, I would introduce you to using ink, working from a photograph, working with collage and working in the style of other famous artists.

The point of all of this is to help you find the medium and subject which you feel most comfortable with, but also to push you out of your comfort zone so that you can discover things about yourself and your art.


If printmaking is something you feel you would like to try, then there are a few different types of printmaking which I offer. Gel Plate printing, Mono-printing, Collagraphs, Screen Printing, Lino printing and the more advanced Reduction Lino Printing.

Journal making

In the beginners class you will learn how to make two journals. A traveller journal which has removeable pages so that you can replace them and continue to use the cover and a bound journal where the pages are not removable. You will learn about different papers, paper grain and why you need to know about it as well as learning about the best materials to use to create successful books.

Once you have taken the beginner class and you want to learn more about making handmade books, I teach a class looking at making covers made from book board, how to cover it with paper or material of your choice and we can look at some more interesting binding stitches.

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