Alison G Saunders

I don’t like boring beige – but I do love colour.

I love colour. In my world, colour is not just a visual sensation; it is a language of emotions which resonates with my soul. I also employ circles to represent hugs which we all need.

Circles are more than just shapes for me, they are embraces, visual manifestations of the warmth, love and tenderness we share.

Working with acrylic paint creating art is my way of breathing life into feelings and expressing love, joy and the myriad of emotions which shape our very existence.

I use my work to represent and celebrate the beauty in human experience.

My inspiration comes from a desire to bring joy into my life and those around me. Nature, emotions, music and the timeless beauty of Pre-Raphaelite art inspire me to create pieces that resonate with a sense of ethereal connection.


When making my work, each stroke is intentional, a beautiful dance between paint pigments and the 24 carat gold I have recently learned how to use. I believe this gold leaf adds a touch of opulence, elevating each piece to a realm where emotions shimmer and gleam.


My art is my heartbeat, the rhythm of my existence. It is the mirror reflecting the depth of my emotions, a sanctuary where I pour my soul onto the canvas. To me, art is not just a vocation; it’s a lifeline. I cannot fathom a world without the ability to create, for my art is the essence of my being, a testament to the beauty that surrounds us and resides within.