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Big sky thinking

Dealing with self-doubt

151st Blog post – Opening my eyes and coping with self-doubt. I have been writing these blog posts since 2018 and whilst I hope the content and writing have both improved over this time, I have always written with the reader in mind. My aim has always been to inform other artists about new trends,…
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How to keep on top of organising your artwork

A few years back I wrote about clearing out my art studio in preparation for moving to a new house. As we are now very close to actually moving, I felt it would be good to revisit the subject. What is slightly unnerving is that when I wrote that piece in 2019, just as I…
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How to – Work Smarter Not Harder

Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, speaking to my friends and family we have all remarked that we can’t understand why, with all this time on our hands, we are actually busier than ever and don’t know where the weeks are going. Even before this crisis, being busy had somehow become a…
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Change and how to cope with it

Change – how to cope with it and embrace it. It is that time of year when it is all change. Here in England, the children are going back to school, my wonderful flower boxes are beginning to look disheveled and the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn. Summer is coming to…
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