Tag: Contemporary Art Fairs

Featured Artists Deborah Waters

This months featured artist is Deborah, I hope you enjoy her story. What is your name (or the name you go by for your art)? Deborah Waters, AKA Desirables by Deborah. I didn’t want to limit my brand to just art as I also create cards, cushions and whatever takes my fancy including millinery and…
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Getting started with making video lessons

What I have learned making my first few videos of my art demos and classes Whilst Covid-19 has caused huge problems and great sadness there are always good things which come out of bad. And personally, I do love to find the silver lining to bad situations. In the art world, and certainly among the…
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Getting ready for the art world to re-open.

I know it doesn’t feel like we are ready yet but I think we artists need to be planning for being part of exhibitions again when the world does re-open its doors. I have two on the horizon that I am preparing for. One is a huge, fairly slick operation run by ‘The Contemporary Art…
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