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Alison G Saunders painter and printmaker artworks

The colour Yellow

Yellow symbolises happiness, the summer sun, warmth and is said to promote happiness more than any of the many other colours around us, and that is the same in most cultures.

Moving into my new studio

Setting up a new art studio, what is going well and what needs more thought.

How to buy art that is right for you and your home

Collecting art can be a minefield. Here are a few basic tips to help you buy the right art for you.

Featured Artist: Debbie Tearle

Featured artist Debbie Tearle creates stunning artwork. Read more about her artists journey.

A bit more about the colour red

Red part 2 Looking back at my recent blog about the colour red I decided that there is so much to say that I would cover a bit more about it here, but I am still only scratching the surface. Hopefully this will be enough for now, but I may cover it again later when…
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Why take a BA in art (and how hard can it be, anyway)?

Abstract artwork named Curiosity. Work explores colour and emotions

No featured artist, so coping with adversity

When a painting isn’t working, sometimes it can be recovered but in this case, it will become part of the next series of works, read why.

The colour red

The first in a series of pieces about colour. Starting with red simply because it stands out more for me.

Painting the hen

Chick Flick has been created in support of the Haslemere charity event running this year

Recent exhibitions and my personal view.

Reporting back on my personal views about two exhibitions I took part in recently. Denbies Vineyard and Contemporary Art Fairs Sandown Park.

Understanding some differences between the UK and the USA

Understanding some differences between the UK and the USA

The advantages of creating artworks in a series

Producing work in multiples or in a series. I’d suggest working on at least five pieces at a time.

My influences and inpiration

Inspirations and influences for me from the grand master of art to modern day.

Change continued

Experimenting with new ideas in paint. Having taken a class at Emily Ball’s of Seawhite having not painted for too many months

selection of artwork by Alison G Saunders

Writing blogs, making art and taking a break

I have been consistently writing blogs now for a decade. In the past four years theses have been specifically art-related and aimed at artists wanting to start or improve their new business. I am delighted that I have been able to help so many of you and I plan to continue. However, finding something new…
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A positive approach during the latest Covid outbreak

A positive approach during the latest Covid outbreak Just when we thought it was safe to go out, Covid-19 is threatening to push us back into our homes, again. Maybe not all of us, but a lot of us. The driving force behind this is fear. We are fearful that we will catch it, become…
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Shirley Ann Aphrodite creating her artwork

Featured Artist Shirley Ann Aphrodite – revisited.

This week’s blog revisits a wonderful artist I first interviewed in May 2019. A link to that first interview is at the end of this blog if you would like to read that, too. The reason for this second interview is to show you the reader that each of the artists I have interviewed have…
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Art and charity work crisis due to lockdown

158th Blog – Art and charity work crisis due to lockdown Over the past couple of years all charitable organisations have suffered as people just haven’t been putting their hands in their pockets and donating to good causes in general. It is the small local charities which have probably seen the greatest demand on their…
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Art Discounts – Should you give them?

Should you give discounts on your artworks? As many of you already know, I run an online art gallery called Ginger Cactus Art http://www.gingercactusart.com and having just launched our Christmas exhibition, the issue of special offers or discounts is being discussed. In the case of Ginger Cactus Art, we are purely an online exhibition space;…
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Sketch books revisited

156th Blog post – Sketchbooks revisited Back in early 2019 I wrote a blog about how I use my sketchbook and how you might consider using yours. Over two years have passed, and the basic message is the same, but I have updated it a bit, though I am re-using some of the artwork I…
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An idea for blogs, for my blogs and I need your input.

An idea for blogs, for my blogs and I need your input. 155th blog Those of you who are regular readers of my weekly blog will know that normally, on this first Sunday of the month, I would have published an interview with the latest in my “featured artist” series for your enjoyment. I had…
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Website construction and how to get the best results – or not I will warn you now, this week I am on my soap box having been let down by yet another person who was happy to take my money, tinker with my website and leave it in a worse place than it was before…
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About colour

Last week my editor complained (not for the first time I must admit) but this time it wasn’t about my dreadful writing or spelling [Whilst you’re at it, don’t forget punctuation and grammar – Ed]. It was about content. Basically, he is fed up with reading about record keeping so to keep him happy I…
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Featured Artist Stephanie Thompson

What is your name or the name you go by for your art? My name is Stephanie Thompson, and I trade as Stephanie Thompson Art. Where do you live? I’m based in Surrey, UK, but have lived in several places, both north and south in the UK. We have a fantastic landscape which influences my…
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How to keep going with your art

Just keeping going Some of you will know that I recently moved home and although we have moved to a beautiful house on a large site, we have actually downsized. This means that we are trying to go through all our ‘stuff’, get rid of what we really don’t need, which is probably most of…
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How to survive taking part in an art exhibition

Blog post #148 Sticks and stones. Having recovered from the exhibition I ran at Denbies Wine Estate recently, I thought you might like to hear my feedback on how it went. First, though I have to tell you about the three people whose comments should have been kept to themselves but in the end said…
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How to look after your painting equipment

These days artists use all manner of different tools to produce their artwork but traditionally many, if not most, use brushes. Keeping brushes clean and in good order will mean that their working lives will be extended, and they will in turn produce the reliable quality you need for your work. Different media require different…
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143rd blog Shortages of art supplies I think we have all read about the shortage of supplies in our shops. Most of us have seen empty shelves in our supermarkets and all manner of excuses have been put forward as to why this is happening. Brexit is the most common, along with Covid-19, too and…
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Some of what you need to know about watercolour paper.

Watercolour paper and what you need to know. Last weekend I attended a watercolour painting class in support of a friend who was tutoring. I enjoy using watercolour and don’t use it a lot but there is always something you can learn by taking a class. The thing which really struck me at this class…
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Featured Artist – Anne Armes

What is your name or the name you go by for your art? My name is Anne Armes. Where do you live? I live in Newport, Shropshire, a rural market town, with my husband and my black Labrador, Tilly. What’s your background? I’ve worked as a pharmacist all my life to support the family as…
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My love affair with colour

My love affair with colour As many of you know, I love colour. Every piece of artwork I make starts with me thinking about the colours I want to use and the overall effects those colours will have on each other. Am I looking for a particular feeling? Is that feeling bright, joyful, sombre, cheerful,…
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What to consider for your 2021 exhibitions

Blog post #132 – After the exhibition I have just taken part in my first in person exhibition since March 2020 and wanted to share what I learned from the event. I hope this will in turn help you for any events you have coming up. The first and most surprising thing for me was…
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Exhibitions – hanging facilities and art stands.

Exhibitions – hanging facilities and art stands. At the end of this month, I will be taking part in my first exhibition this year inside a marquee in Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey. I haven’t taken part in an exhibition there before and have no idea what the setup will be like, so trying to plan…
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How to get your artwork exhibition ready

This week’s blog is a reworking of one I wrote a couple of years ago. As we prepare to go back out into the world and show our artwork in public, having that work “exhibition ready” and by that, I mean presenting it in the best possible way, is essential. Ask yourself this: would you…
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How to make monoprints using gel plates

Mono-printing with gel plates Printmaking is probably my favourite artform, although there are a couple of very close seconds. As I embark on a 12 month-long printmaking course, I plan to share some information on the techniques I enjoy using, how you can make use of these yourself and, hopefully, some guidance on how to…
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February’s Featured Artist – Elaine Almond

Your name? Elaine Almond What’s your background? I was born in London and now live in West Kent. I am an abstract artist, painting mainly in oils and acrylics, and a part-time lay minister. For many years my canvas was the garden, moving around and designing one everywhere we lived! I sketched on holiday and…
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Think big for 2021

Thinking about 2021 and dreaming big. What do you want? Because of Covid, life as we know it is unlikely to ever feel the same again, or certainly not for a long time. But please don’t fret about it; you can’t change it, so it is far easier for your own wellbeing to simply accept…
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Featured Artist – This month it is Miriam Brady

Your name? Miriam Brady Where do you live? I currently live in Kent, England, but I am originally from Dublin in Ireland. What is your background? With a background in the scientific arena and a PhD in immunology, I have worked in academia and in the commercial environment as a project and product manager and…
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Making a Christmas art list.

Christmas is coming I have really battled this week to come up with a topic to write about which a) you will find interesting to read and b) could be beneficial too.Then I hit on it.I have been struggling like mad trying to figure out what to buy Mr. S for Christmas but realised that…
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Being positive about your art and life

Let’s be honest, this Covid-19 crisis has had a huge effect on all of us. Trying to stay positive is difficult but believe me when I say that being negative will make things even worse. Like attracts like, though I don’t understand quite why I find myself having to deal with so many people who…
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Arts v Crafts

Sadly, there still exists in the UK, a huge amount of snobbery around being an artist versus crafter or craftsperson. It is a snobbery I have never understood and, having lived in the mid-west of the United States, I can say it is a snobbery which doesn’t exist over there. It is also a snobbery…
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Getting started with making video lessons

What I have learned making my first few videos of my art demos and classes Whilst Covid-19 has caused huge problems and great sadness there are always good things which come out of bad. And personally, I do love to find the silver lining to bad situations. In the art world, and certainly among the…
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Art Galleries

Selling your work through galleries – the pros and cons I am regularly asked why I do not approach galleries to show my artwork  and I have many artist friends who love nothing better but before I give you my answer, let me break down the pros and cons for you. Having your artwork shown…
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Art Education and the Funding Argument

Or trying to understand the anti-art education movement This week, I am sounding off on a topic I feel very strongly about: the anti-art education movement. What do I mean by that? Well, those people you meet who love nothing better than to complain about art education in schools and who think we should cut…
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What is Ginger Cactus Art?

A new online exhibition group born out of Covid 19

How to become an artist

70th blog should an artist listen to the “get yourself a proper job” advice. Chatting to an old friend last weekend about how she is coping with the lock down and what she did to celebrate her birthday, she told me that she had decided to try out the watercolour paints I bought for her…
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Featured Artist Anna Clarke

This months featured artist is Anna Clarke. I have known Anna for a few years now and we have exhibited at the same locations on numerous occasions.  I hope you enjoy readying this lovely ladies story. Your name: Anna Clarke Where do you live? Bookham, Surrey What is your background? Whether I’m trying to capture…
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How to cope with artists block.

How to cope with artists block. I know that many of you during this Covid crisis are suffering from the inability to create any artwork at all. If you are, please know that you are not alone. I haven’t produced any work myself for weeks now. So, I too need to put aside all the…
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Finding inspiration in Covid times through trying collage.

Collage adventures. Someone sent me this photo and I just had to share it with you all. It is beginning to get tough now but this is the most crucial time and so we must all find a way to get through this. Not going out means that, for many of us, there is nothing…
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Featured Artist Sue Roberts

I am re-posting this months featured artists blog with a huge apology to Sue Roberts as I had used the wrong photos.  Please take a look at her fabulous artwork and big apologies for messing up.   Your name?    Sue Roberts Where do you live?  Goostrey, Cheshire What is your background?  I come from a…
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