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How to pick the right art materials

How do I chose the best art materials for me? If you have decided to take up art during this pandemic and have now concluded that the cheap set of paints you bought might need upgrading, hopefully this blog will help you to decide what to spend your money on. Just about every art guidebook…
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How to make monoprints using gel plates

Mono-printing with gel plates Printmaking is probably my favourite artform, although there are a couple of very close seconds. As I embark on a 12 month-long printmaking course, I plan to share some information on the techniques I enjoy using, how you can make use of these yourself and, hopefully, some guidance on how to…
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More about Screen-printing

Earlier this year I said that I would share more information with you about other types of screen-printing technique. Exposed screen-printing method If you are lucky to live near a print studio (there are many of them up and down the country) and you want to learn more, they are well worth joining. You need…
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