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Goal Setting and Journaling Catch-up

So, as promised I am checking in on you to see how you are getting along with setting up and using your system of goal setting and, of course, sticking to it. Personally, I am really enjoying using the leather journal I made for myself and I think you too should be using a journal…
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Goal setting and journaling in 2021

Blog 110 Goal setting (continued from 2020) Planning out what your “big ticket” goals are and how you can fit normal life around achieving them is not as daunting as it might sound. I love the expression, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” That is how to approach this if…
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How to set and realise your goals

Setting and realising your goals Last week we looked at letting your imagination and goal setting run wild and the week before we looked back at 2020 and the major positives and negatives of the year. This week, I want to help you with setting your goals and making them happen. Don’t panic if you…
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