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More about Screen-printing

Earlier this year I said that I would share more information with you about other types of screen-printing technique. Exposed screen-printing method If you are lucky to live near a print studio (there are many of them up and down the country) and you want to learn more, they are well worth joining. You need…
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Screen-printing more interesting uses.

Some more ways to make interesting screen prints. A few weeks ago I wrote about screen printing using stencils.  This week is about producing painted mono-screenprints. The process is very similar to the stenciled screenprints but let me recap here. The first thing to do is tape up the edges of the screen. Using parcel…
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How to do Screen-printing at home

Screen-printing at home the easy way to get great home printing results There are many ways to produce great effects with screen printing and I will discuss a couple of them here, but I want to focus on a method which, once you have assembled the equipment, is very easy to do at home. This…
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