I don’t like boring beige!

But I do love colour! Even more I love putting colours together to see how they play with each other. Every piece of work I make is a journey into what different colours do to each other. It is the most magical way to live and I get to live it every day.

Life without colour is, for me, not worth living, but making art is a physical necessity. It’s like taking a lifesaving breath having been held underwater to the last possible moment. If you want to know my story there is more to see later on, but first I want to focus on you.

What do you want from me?

You have visited this site because something you came across on social media, a flyer or a recommendation, made you curious. I hope that you will continue to look through the site and find more works to keep you interested.

How can I help you?


Are you looking for art for your home but not sure if it will fit.
Are you worried that it will not look right in the space you have in mind?
Or are you concerned that other family members will not like it as much as you do?

Well if you would like help with any of the above, you can sign up for the free newsletter and with that you get your free Guide to Buying Art for your home, your office or your community space. In the guide are ideas about how to buy art, how to use the space in your home or office, how to rearrange work to make the best of each piece and work with your other pieces and if you need more advice, email me.I have one client who sends me photos of the space he wants to hang work in and the kind of thing he wants me to paint. When the idea has been agreed I Photoshop the idea into the photo of the space he has sent to me so that he can see if it will work well for him. There is really no need to worry as I am always happy to help.

Art Classes

You could though be one of the people who are interested in taking classes.
One of my students came to me because she heard my story below and was astounded how closely it sounded to her own life story. Other students have not enjoyed being in large classes so prefer to be in the small class groups I offer. Friendships have grown through these small classes; the sharing of ideas is wonderful to watch, and you get extra attention being in a small class too.

Charity Work

When it comes to charity projects I am always happy to be approached. Having worked on fibre glass items for The Surrey Hills Cow Parade, The Haslemere Hogs, Haslemere Hares and St Catherine Hospice as well as annually gifting funds to help cure Podoconiosis in Ethiopia.

Licensing Projects

Last but not least, some artworks have been used on cups and tote bags. If you would like to have use of designs for your products, a conversation is easily arranged.

Back to my Story

Both of my parents were amazing artists, I felt that I would never be good enough to be like them and so I didn’t try. I went off and pursued a career as an accountant, which was not very fulfilling but paid the bills.

My husband’s job took us to live in the USA for a few years and whilst there I was able to ‘give art a go’ with 4,500 miles of safety net. I was so lucky to meet amazing artists and art teachers who made me see that I had a talent worth pursuing.

When we moved back to England, I took up a University course in Art and Design and a Degree in Art.
I love to experiment with different combinations of techniques and media. When I paint I love placing colours together and allowing them to mix, do what they want to do. I have very little control.

When I am printing I have to plan ahead. I have to know what each layer is going to do, so I have to be very controlled but, with any form of printmaking the joy is never quite knowing what the outcome will be. It is all so exciting.


My Inspiration

My work comes from different organic subjects which I often turn into abstract works. I keep tropical fish, a great source of inspiration, I have a beautiful garden with unusual plants and trees and I love circles. Daft I know, but I love them and will use them in some form or other in my works.


 Sketch book work, painting and a variety of printmaking areas. Classes can be on a one to one, but groups work best as people can, and do, inspire each other. I teach these small groups in my home studio or sometimes with larger groups I will teach in local community halls and I have taught printmaking classes in small groups for a local authority.
Details about the classes I teach are normally available on my website and I let you know about changes and new classes through my monthly newsletter. Currently I am not teaching in my home studio as we are about to try and move house. I will give updates on my monthly newsletters about all classes.


Last  year I committed to write a weekly blog. I shared tips and techniques about new products I have tried and how they worked out for me. I have arranged to do interviews with other artists from around the world showcasing what they do and how they do it. I also shared the projects I was working on, stage by stage so you get to see how to approach making art for yourself.

And finally, I shared a few results of works I have produced from classes I have taken from/with other artists. There are always new things to learn and I love to be inspired by other amazing teachers. This year 2021, I will continue in the same way, sharing my knowledge about art matters and running your own art business. I am always happy to hear from people who follow me through which ever platform works for you and if you have something you would really like more information about I am happy to include it in one of my blog posts.

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