How to start building a community around you and your art.

How to start building a community around you and your art.

How to start building a community around you and your art and a chance to join my new community for free.

Many of you have been following me over the last year or so and hopefully gaining benefit from what I have to say.

My weekly blogs have been written for new and emerging artists looking to get advice on how to do the so many different things you need to know to get your work out there.

Don’t think I do this alone.  I don’t.  I read other people’s blogs and take advice from them.  I give advice here based on what I know, have been taught or have discovered for myself, there are other people with more knowledge than me, but often they just don’t want to share.

I also belong to several national and international groups set up to support artists on their art journey.  We meet regularly via Facebook, on Skype, Zoom or Google hangouts.
Having these contacts overseas has been vital to my understanding of how other people think, both personally and culturally.  It has been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to continuing meeting these people for years to come.  Indeed, this summer I am going to be meeting in person a lady from one group who divides her time between Switzerland and Italy.  So exciting!

I have built this community around me over the past six years and it has now however come to the point when I feel ready to start an online community group of my own, where not only will I continue to support people who are looking for it , but also where others can  share their knowledge so that we all improve together.


I love the saying that “it takes a whole village to raise a child” and that is most definitely true when it comes to taking the plunge into making and selling your art.  You can’t do it alone, or rather should I say you may never really get there if you try and do it alone.  Having the support of others is crucial when navigating today’s digital world.


So, I have opened a members’ group on Facebook called “No art question is too stupid”.

I want people in my group to feel free to ask whatever they want and know that they will not be laughed at or put down in anyway.  Another of my favourite sayings is “You don’t know what you don’t know until someone tells you that you don’t know it”. How can you?  We don’t know everything!  It would be amazing if we could download into our brains all the things we need or want to know and be able to recall that information whenever we need it.  But for now, we still must learn it for ourselves.


So in wanting to build this community I will begin by keeping the group small.  A maximum of 25 people.  The group will be free to join by simply opting-in and it will remain free to all the people who join me as part of this alpha group and will remain free to you for as long as you wish to remain in the group.

I want to share with you the benefits of being part of a community and if you want to build your own community, I am there to help too.
I will continue to write my weekly blogs but within the group there will be an opportunity to look deeper into the subjects I have featured and provide additional information and discussion on a variety of topics.

2018 saos for 2019 blog 3

There are currently six basic areas I hope to discuss within the group:

Commissions – A guide to how to work this way;

Exhibitions – How to find the right ones for you and how to be successful;

Making good art – the ‘dos and don’ts’ plus some advice on different media and mixing it all up to get the best results for you;

Education – Taking courses, what to expect and where to find the best ones for you;

Admin – How to keep proper records to make life easier; and

Headspace –   How to cope mentally and emotionally with putting your work out there and dealing with the negative stuff that is going on in our heads.

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Within each of these categories there is a ton of stuff I am very happy to share.  For instance, I am a printmaker and I teach printmaking too.  I am writing a series of blogs about different types of printmaking, illustrated with photos to help my explanations, but within the group I would share a video on how to use various techniques, making it much easier to ask questions and see how to resolve issues.

I plan to run art challenges, be that producing a painting a day for a week or more; Getting your diary organized; facing up to keeping proper financial records or finding your own voice(s).

I will be asking members to share ‘what’s on your easel’.  This could be because you have produced work with which you are really pleased, or you are stuck and are looking for advice on how to improve it.

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Finally, I will be sharing my tips and advice on planning your day, week, month and year.  If you have a plan you know where you are going.  This is crucial.  You wouldn’t usually start a journey without knowing where you were going and having some idea of how to get there.  The same should be true of your art journey.  Knowing what you want to achieve is key.


You may be wanting to simply improve your art for personal pleasure and that is great I would be happy to support you in that.  You may want to start selling your work and need support in getting to that level or you may want to start making art your full-time occupation.  I can provide advice and support for most situations and where I don’t have the answers, I am never afraid to ask people I know who are ahead of me in their journeys.


So if anything  here resonates with you and you feel that being part of a small community is just what you are looking for, then please click on this link and I will get you into the group and we can start making our art lives that much better. The group is open now, and it is really is completely free to join for this alpha group, I promise, no catches. Entry to the group will close on 9th Feb after which the group activity will start.



I also want to give you some information here about a free online course which starts in February and will give you the tools to make improvements to your artwork.

I have taken the course twice now and will be doing it again this year.  I can’t praise this course enough, there is so much content and if you follow what is taught you cannot fail to improve your artwork. Do join me if you recognise that you need to make improvements to the way you produce your artwork. Time spent educating yourself is time never wasted. And remember it is completely free.

Click here  to get on the free course.





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