I start preparing my blog posts on Tuesdays.  That way there is time to get my thoughts onto paper, share them with my long-suffering husband who proof reads them, re-read and make more changes and then set them up, usually on Friday evening, to be published for you to read on Sunday evening.

This week I had planned to write something completely different but whilst on a group support call with my artist friends in the USA and Hungary, we started talking about what makes us want to get up every day and make art.  What is the driving force, why do we feel so compelled and how did our life journey bring us to this point in our art? For me it is most definitely colour.


All of us have stories of difficulty in one way or another.  Life would be pretty boring if nothing went wrong.  There would be no experiences from which to learn.  Some of my past struggles are evident if you read between the lines on my About Page on my website

Personally, I don’t have time for any of the negative stuff anymore, what I spend my time thinking about now is making art using colour.

My friends said that the only time they ever see me so animated is when I am talking about the three wonderful men in my life (of course) or my art, but they had never seen me talk about playing with colour.

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My studio is full of colours.  I play with oils, acrylics, watercolour (although I am not very good with it, yet) inks, pens, pastels both oil and chalk, wax, silk and fabric dyes.  Such a lot to get messy with.

For my oils and watercolours, I tend to use Holbein, which I bought from Dick Blick’s in the USA but can also be purchased in the UK through Jacksons.  I love how buttery they are, and the colours are incredible.  For Acrylics I use Liquitex Heavy Bodied and the Interactives Range which are fabulous.

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For my printmaking I use Akua Intaglio and System 3 for screen-printing, just add print medium and you are good to go.  For Lino-prints and Collagraphs prints I use Intaglio Printmakers Etching Inks, Caligo Safewash.
When playing with inks I use, Schmincke Aero color, which is used for airbrushing, Liquitex and FW inks.
Pen and Ink pieces are made with the above and with Posca Pens – Yummy colours.


Pastels I tend to stick to just Sennelier and Sennelier’s own paper too, the colours are vibrant and the paper is designed to work with the pastels so why make my life more difficult?


Silk painting/fabric dyes I use Jacquard products plus Quick colour Microwave dyes which produce sheets of kitchen paper covered in dye which I then iron and use in printmaking or mixed media pieces.

Finally, Encaustic Wax.  I use cheap wax crayons designed for children and oil paints to get the colours I want for experimenting, but when making a piece I use R&F encaustic sticks because the pigment and the vibrancy of colours are simply the best.
So that’s what I use but that is just the products.
My love affair is with the colour of these amazing products.

If you have been following me on FB or IG you will see my daily posts, so you know that I use colour.

What it is that makes me want to do more, play with colour every day, why am I so drawn to it?

Put simply I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Putting colours next to each other, over each other, under each other, you never know what you are going to get.  Every time the outcome is different. Sometimes it doesn’t work but when it does, it is so exciting, I have been known to squeal with delight.

screen prt

I draw hugely from nature.  I follow divers in FB and IG as well as keeping fish myself.  I also follow photographers who take photos of birds and I spend far too much time watching the birds which visit out garden, I collect their feathers and keep them near my working spaces. I love placing colours next to each other to see them vibrate making work look as if it is out of focus because the colours play tricks on your eyes.

I follow other artists who use bright colours in their work and take inspiration from their use of colour placement.  There is always something new and fascinating to see.


I have littered this blog with photos of work that I have made using the bright bold colours which make me smile and I hope that you enjoy looking at how I have used colour.

Please visit my website to see more of my work at: or follow me on IG at I post there every day as well as on Facebook at









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