How to get started writing blog posts

How to get started writing blog posts

My followers will know that I have committed to writing a weekly blog post. Break that down and it is 52 subjects I need to find to write about each year.  Sounds simple enough, until you try it!
Oh, I could write just for the sake of it, but you don’t want that, you need to be engaged and I don’t want to deliver something that doesn’t have some value.  So do please tell me, if there is something in particular you would like to hear my thoughts on.


For now though, I thought I would tell you the little I know about writing blog posts, which are worth reading, after all, that is why you are here.


So – You need a good heading and from what I have learned, it always helps to have a question as part of that heading.  Just think about what you type into Google when you are looking for something you want to find out about.  Why? How? Where? Which? When? What?  Etc. are the kinds of queries you need to use.

Then what to write.  Well it should entertain or inform.  People are not interested in your walk in the park or your visit to the chiropodist unless they have a personal interest in you or the park you walk in or they need help with their feet, but that is a very narrow market and if you want a following these are subjects people are not likely to want to read about through your blog!

Before I started I spoke to other bloggers and I was advised to talk about what I know, tending toward the informing of people.  I readily admit that I am not an expert, but I do know some stuff.  I read all kinds of books, I love to investigate technical data about paint and art products and I talk to lots of people who share their knowledge with me, which I then pass on to you.
If you are excited by a subject, that will come across in your blog and people will want to read it.
I was also advised to keep it chatty.  I am sure you already know that the attention span of the average human is eight seconds, less than a fish which has an attention span of nine seconds!  So, I need to make you want to stay, read all the way through and enjoy what you have read.  You need to do that too.

I know that money can be made from blogging.  How?  Well, by collecting the emails of people, like you, who read my blogs and then using that to contact you, grow an email list and then have you see advertising which is bought by advertising companies.
I don’t do this.  I am not saying that I never will, but not right now,  I don’t do it.
I don’t have enough followers to be interesting to advertisers and really, don’t you have enough advertising bombarding you every day?
I don’t want to add to that.

And honestly, I don’t know how to set it all up.  Thankfully I have children who are absolute wizards at the social media lark, but I am woefully lacking in these skills.  For now, that is to your benefit.



That last thing I was advised to do was make it visually interesting and colourful.  I do this by sharing the artwork I produce and things which interest me.  When making your blog you need to make something which excites you.  Making art really excites me but I also realise that I need to be aware of social media, that unless I have a presence, people who might want to buy my work will not even know that I exist, so I am learning.

Hopefully, if you are still reading this, I am one chapter ahead of you in the book of knowledge, like many school teachers who are also only one chapter ahead of their students.  But I have started the journey and as I continue and learn more, I will happily share with you all.

There are loads of experts you can Google and learn from on the net.  Most of them will give you lots of good, far more in depth and technical details than this.  Info about setting up, publishing and making money from your blog, with lots of tips and very often a course you can sign up for where they will give you all the tools you need to be a seven-figure success, but really, you are just getting going, you are dipping your toe in the water and until you are really ready to commit and it is a big commitment, my basic, no frills, how to get started blog is all that you need for now.

So just start writing, get a catalogue of subjects ready and then worry about setting up website blogs, hashtags, SEO’s etc., etc. later.  Until you know that you can really commit to writing on a monthly, weekly or god forbid, daily basis, then take it in baby steps.  That way you will not waste your money until you are really ready to get going.

You have to learn to enjoy the process of blogging, you need to know that you can commit to it and you will have to find subject which amuse, entertain or educate others whilst keeping you happy and engaged.

As for me, I started in a very ad hoc way posting once a month(ish) and received no engagement until I realised that I could commit to a regular spot.
Publishing regularly is key.  People do look out for you each week and at a specific time. They tend to ignore you if you pop up on a different day to the one they were expecting.

One last very important point. Hashtags. If you don’t have any hashtags attached to your blog, you will vastly reduce the chances of someone finding you. I keep it fairly simple using the subject I am talking about and I only use about 8-10 hashtags. Make sure they are different every post otherwise your post will look like a bot and probably wont get shown at all.

So I hope that I have not put you off, that you will ease yourself into this fun activity and I hope that each week you will find one little gem from me, which will inspire you to come back next week, to find out more about me, my work and how I look at the world.




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