Introducing this months artist – Beáta Bősze

Introducing this months artist – Beáta Bősze

This is the first in my series of interviews with artists and artisans who I have met, found to be interesting people and have agreed to be interviewed by me.
Please allow me to introduce you to Beáta Bősze. Beáta Bősze

Beáta and I met on-line through group working towards improving our on-line presence in the art world. With five other ladies we meet twice a week to discuss our successes and failures and receive support from each other in moving forward through the often treacle like art-world business.
Beáta where were you born and where do you live now?
I am Hungarian, from the wonderful town of Budapest where I also live.
What is your background?
Originally, I am an economist who was working in the Money and Capital Markets since graduating and subsequently I worked in various different positions in that field.
Why did you change careers and how did you learn your craft to start painting?
I started painting when I was living in Malaysia. I received an email about “How to become a creative, happy woman?” This free e-course was about expressing our emotion through painting with our fingers whilst listening to our favourite music and imagining our happy place.
The course inspired me so much that I joined The Studio at KL where I learnt, in person, painting from several great artists such as Jennifer Tan, Elnaz Rostami, Haze Yusup in Self-portraits, Colour Harmony and American Portrait Drawing. I also took other on-line classes to support my learning. Basically, I haven’t stop painting since.

IMG_0937 (002)
Which media do you prefer to work with and why?
I paint with acrylic because it dries fast and gives me the possibility to express my feelings through several layers in one painting session. I like working fast and changing directions. I love how the story unfolds between the lines. But I also love using oil as it is a very different medium which lets me slow down and practice patience because the layers dry slowly over time. I especially like using oils for figurative paintings.
What does your work aim to say?
I produce intuitive abstract and figurative paintings. In my art I express my deep feelings of joy, happiness, loneliness, homesickness, anger and love. The figures are symbolic and the colours are connected to the story behind the paintings.
My art is a healing practice for me to resolve my life challenges. Between the lines I see my own stories translated into imaginative tales expressing Hope for the main character.
Does your work comment in anyway on current social or political issues?
I painted a canvas to honour Dr. Tun Mahathir Mohammed, the Malaysian Prime minister on his 93rd birthday. Dr Mahathir returned to politics as the head of the opposition with an astonishing victory at the age of 92 to fight against corruption.
Interestingly, when I feel upset by political issues I regularly find a super power (an Excalibur) appearing on my canvas in an abstract way.
Who are your biggest influencers?
Besides my art teachers, my biggest influencers are Henri Matisse, Egon Schiele, Alex Kanevsky, Peter Doig.
The rich vegetation of the Rainforest, the Asian way of life, the Asian art including batiks, masks and statues make a significant and visible impact on my art.
How do you navigate the art world?
I have visited local art fares in Malaysia and Budapest, had discussion with Gallery owners in Warsaw but mainly get information online. The majority of my art connection is in Malaysia therefore I rely on the online art market.
Have you developed your career?
I’m at the beginning of my art career and I’ve been developing my online art business for a little over a year now, but I started with learning to understanding the art market as it is very different to the financial markets.

IMG_0267(1) (002)
Where can people see your art?
They can see my art on my website:
Do you have anything else you would like to convey to an audience?
I’m starting two painting series next year:
A figurative art series about Sensibility of Women and an abstract art series about our inner, spiritual landscape.
How can readers find out more about you?

I really hoped that you enjoyed reading about this wonderful lady and her approach to her adventured in the world of art.
I will be catching up with Beáta later in the year to see how things have changed for her and what new plans she has.

We would love to know your thoughts about this interview, so it would be fantastic if you could please leave comments.

Thank you

Alison G Saunders

NB. Full permission for use of the artwork as well as the interview answers has been provided by the artist.




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