About Making Money

About Making Money


About Making Money! You don’t always have to do something just to make money.

Please let me explain.

Last weekend I joined a wonderful group of men and ladies, showing my art alongside their beautiful wood creations. The East Surrey Woodturners.


Well a few years ago, I visited this group as I have always hankered after ‘having a go’ at wood turning. It looks so satisfying to peel layers of wood away to create a shape to be sanded and polished. This group of men made me so welcome five years ago, that when I bumped into one of their members who asked me to be an exhibitor at their Christmas fair, I could hardly refuse.

And I am so glad I didn’t.

Did I sell anything? No! Well three of my greeting’s cards, but No.

Was it worth going? Absolutely yes it was.

I asked a very talented lady Carol Marshall, do follow her on Instagram ‘Carolmarshallarticaz’ she sells beautiful work, to join me.

She and I were treated to amazing hospitality. We didn’t even have to unload and carry our work from the car to the set up space, they just gathered it all up for us on the way in and on the way out. We were supplied with drinks, food and great conversation. We shared knowledge and ideas and thoroughly enjoyed a fabulous day with this amazing group of people.

I hope they will invite me back next year, I will definitely go if asked, as spending time with such lovely people was a real pleasure.

Thank you ‘East Surrey Woodturners’ it was an honour to be with you all.


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