Decorating the Heart

Decorating the Heart

As yet I have not had any of my designs accepted and I might not have any of them accepted, but I said I would share the story, so here goes.

I have been involved in painting fibreglass objects to raise money for charities of a few years now. So far, I have decorated two cows for The Surrey Hills Cow Parade, ‘Sher-hock Holmes’ a for the Haslemere Hog Parade and earlier this year ‘Doddy Hare’ for the Haslemere Hare Parade.Hog Parade 2017 s

As a result of this involvement someone asked me to get involved with the St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley, to decorate a large fibreglass heart.

I suppose the first question is, how do I come up with the designs?

Well the first thing I consider is how visible the finished piece will be. There would be no point in coming up with a green design for a piece that was going to sit in a garden setting. The piece would be lost. As a lover of colour I normally go for something which will stand out and that generally means red.
St. Catherine's Heart (003)-4

I started with the obvious, red hearts, on a heart. I am sure I am not alone with this, so a bit obvious, but I threw in a couple of pink hearts, just because I can.
St. Catherine's Heart (003)-3The next design, bright and multi-coloured abstract, was used so that it would stand out in an open space. Not having a pictorial theme makes is an easier choice for would be sponsors and purchasers.

St. Catherine's Heart (003)-2

I then felt that I should try something in more pastel shades. I do enjoy using pastel colours and for some people the bold bright colours are not them, so to give choice I went with abstract again but soft pinks, yellows etc.


St. Catherine's Heart (003)-1.jpg

Finally, I decided to include a design which uses a red heart as its base. I would aim for this piece to be on the lighter side, not quite so bold but softer multi-colours.

So, I suppose the next question is why do I do it?
There are many artists I know who say that I shouldn’t give my time away like this, that people will take advantage of me for doing it. And maybe some will try. I am very selective, only working with or for charities that I personally believe in.

This is not a purely altruistic act on my part either. I get to make other people’s lives better, using the skills that I have, that makes me feel good, so everyone wins.

I will get to hear in a few weeks if one or more, or maybe none of my designs has been selected. If you want to know the result, then watch out for my monthly newsletter, (there’s a button at the top of this page if you want to join me list) I will let you all know there.



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