My BA Assignment

My BA Assignment

So I have finished the last of the assignments for the Sculpture section of my BA. My work has been sent off to the tutor and returned to me in preparation for formal assessment.

what does that mean? Well we work with a tutor throughout the course, who advises us on where we are doing well and there we need to step up our game.

Once all the assignments have been completed within a section of the course, we have to pack up selected pieces of work and send them off to the examiners to make judgement on.

I have been told by my tutor that the work I have produced should get me a pass, which is all I want and need to get me to the next level.

So what did I do?

Throughout the entire sculpture course I have been focusing on the plight of poor farmers in Ethiopia and a condition many of them suffer from call Podoconiosis or Podo for short.

in the final pieces I produced I wanted to bring together the different areas i looked at through earlier assignments. Balance, Fragility, Isolation, Hope and the Circle of Life.

Initially I used plastic water pipes of varying diameters and lengths as water is such a prized resource and something I covered in the assignments about Hope and Faith.

My tutors biggest complaint has been the lack of colour used in my work, see blog 3, so  I wrapped leftover lengths of wool around the pipes, to give him the colour he wanted to see.

the most successful of these is shown here.

Not content with producing one, I also spray painted a number of pieces of pipe which I joined together to make variations on the theme.

The most successful of the mobiles I made was the homage to Alexander Calder.

it was very difficult to balance the entire piece and I particularly wanted to include other elements such as the seven green stick for the seven stags of man. The circular pipes to represent the Circle of Life, the silver spray paint I used was to represent the wealth of minerals available in the soil, but with the mobile it was also fragile, was most definitely representational of the balance of life, each piece of the mobile works in Isolation although forms one, as in the collective Hope and Faith these peoples have. I think I covered it all.

And so whilst it was the largest and most difficult to make, I felt sure that I had throughout this final part of the course, covered everything I had been asked to do. But silly me. My tutor wanted the pieces to be more shiny. I will make something to cover that and send it to assessment. I am not one to fail for the want of a bit of shiny stuff.

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